Twitter Parties: The Why’s, What’s & How’s (to win!)

We’ve all seen the promos “Tonight Join Us for a TWITTER PARTY”….

But what is a Twitter Party exactly? BlissDom Canada Principal Jennifer Powell went live this morning on Facebook to explain!

If you missed it, you can replay it here:

Twitter Parties, happen when a group of people all tweet about the same topic using a specific #Hashtag. Typically they occur in the evening for the most exposure and often times include prizes!

We’ve seen parties give away TV’s, large appliances, furniture, event tickets, vacations, toys, and even cash!

They are also a great way to network and engage with others who share a common interest, promote your brand, and have fun at the end of a busy day!

But just like any contest or sweepstakes, you can’t win unless you play!

Twitter Parties can seem a bit intimidating to join for the first time – especially when you see that Twitter Stream rolling so quickly, but with the right tools you can jump in, meet new people and maybe even win something cool!

Here are our Twitter Party Tips to get you started:



Many Twitter Parties require you to RSVP in advance. There is usually a page set up on their website where you simply need to provide your Twitter name stating you’ll be there! This list is what is used for the random draw during the party so if your name isn’t on it, you can’t win.

Start now by RSVPing to the #HowWeROAM Twitter Party happening tonight by going to this page:


Follow your Host(s)

This is very important! Make sure before the party starts that you are following the host(s) and co-host(s) (if any). This is usually a requirement in the rules & regs to win a prize.

So for those joining us tonight, you will need to be following two hosts.

@ROAMevent and @JennPowellLive


Common Format

Most Twitter Parties follow a pretty common format. The host will ask a series of question, 5-10 minutes apart, typically in the form of Q1, Q2, Q3, etc:

Twitter Tweet 4


As a participant, you will simply respond with your answer in the same format (A1, A2, A3), making sure to include the Hashtag (#) being used for the party. And unless it’s trivia, there’s really no wrong answer!

twitter tweet 3


TweetDeck!! (or similar tool)

Following along a party is pretty much impossible using only the website. The stream moves too quickly for most to keep up with the chatter. A tool like TweetDeck makes this much easier. It’s easy to use and you can set up custom columns based on how YOU like to follow a party.

We recommend definitely setting up one column to follow the #Hashtag and then of course one Notifications column to see who is tweeting and retweeting you. It’s also helpful to add your host(s) to a column as well to make sure you don’t miss a question. With multiple hosts, you can do this with the Lists function.

Twitter Tweet Deck



The last tip is to engage with those in the party between questions. Re-tweet (RT) your favourite answers, share your stories on the topic and follow some new people!  Most of all, have fun! It is a party, after all.


Now it’s time to put all this knowledge to the test! Join our #HowWeROAM twitter party tonight at 6PT/9ET for your chance to win some fabulous prizes!

Twitter Party FINAL V3 - really this time guys!


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