Introducing ROAM Sponsor: Zend Conscious Lounge

Zend Conscious Lounge is Canada’s first kava bar and a place where healthy food intersects with healing botanical drinks and authentic grassroots community. The menu is entirely plant-based, organic, and local wherever possible. Zend hosts high-energy sober dance raves every Friday, #ZendItForward, a volunteer charity initiative, every Sunday, and #Zendtalks on Tuesdays. 100% of their profits are committed to charity.
“Zend exterior with band” The Rossi Gang outside Zend Conscious Lounge in Yaletown.
“Zend pancakes” Organic Buckwheat Pancakes with house-made coconut whipped cream. A fan favourite from Chef Karen McAthy.
“Zend tacos” Raw Tacos. Dehydrated Red Pepper and Zucchini shells, Guacamole, Fresh Pico de Galo and Sprouted Defried Beans.
“Zend ravioli” Golden Beet Ravioli. Lobster mushroom + Hazelnut filling. Celeriac cream.
“Zend Steve Curtis”. Founder of Zend Conscious Lounge.
“Zend ashleigh & elixir”. General Manager, Ashleigh Vogstad, and namesake feel-good elixir, Zend.
“Zend elixir” Canada’s First Kava Bar! Feel the calm, noticeably relaxing effects of Zend, their namesake botanical elixir.
“Zend sign”. Zend Conscious Lounge at 1130 Mainland Street, Yaletown, Vancouver. Open 11am-late, 7 days a week.

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