Ashley Riske

Ashley Riske

VP Marketing Strategy for Kin Community Canada

Ashley Riske is the VP Marketing Strategy for Kin Community Canada and leads the company’s sales and client-marketing operations. She helped lead the launch of Kin in Canada in 2014 and she and her team have worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies. Working with these brands the team develops plans that leverage the voices of Kin Community’s influential creators, the power of content storytelling, and strategic media amplification to drive success for brands.

Ashley also works closely with Corus Entertainment – Kin Community’s media partner in Canada – to ideate and implement highly successful multi-platform brand solutions spanning both digital and broadcast. In the past four years, Kin Community and Corus have co-executed successful campaigns, receiving a MIA nomination for McCain in 2015, a Strategy Nomination for Walmart in 2018, and winning the DigiAward for Best Multi-Platform Strategy for Motrin in 2016. Media In Canada also named Motrin one of the top 10 best-branded content strategies of 2016.

Working with Influencers

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C2C conversations (Consumer to Consumer) allow you to create a deeper connection for your brand than ever before. Trusted, influential voices with extensive audiences and communities of their own bring huge opportunities for awareness and exposure to your offerings. We will discuss how to work with influencers, niche/micro possibilities, negotiating rates and metrics of success.

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