Evelyn Hannon

Evelyn Hannon

Award-Winning Travel Writer, Photographer, Editor

Evelyn Hannon is an award-winning travel writer, photographer, editor of journeywoman.com, mother of two daughters and grandmother of four. Known in the industry as the ‘Grandmother of Women’s Travel’, Evelyn holds the title of the being the earliest female travel blogger (1994) and the founder of the longest running online women’s travel blog (25 years).  Her newsletter reaches 55,000 women around the world who love to travel. Evelyn does not ever view her travel writing as a means to earning a living. Rather she strives for authenticity in all her work and views her job simply as ‘inspiring females worldwide to travel safely and well.’ Evelyn is proudest of the award she was given by TIME Magazine – ‘one of the 100 most innovative thinkers of this new century and the title given to her by an unknown  Chinese travel writer. …’the oldest travel blogger in the world.’

Travel Writing: 3 Generations / 3 Ways


Presenting 3 different women who have approached travel writing and blogging, 3 have approached working in and with the travel industry entirely different ways and yet all have seen success in their personal brands

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