Jennifer Powell

Jennifer Powell

CEO BlissDom Canada

Jennifer is a writer, social media strategist, award winning event producer and CEO of BlissDom Canada

This past year, she convinced her family to take a leap and follow their dream of travelling around the world. They sold their house and set out on an adventure of a lifetime, visting 21 countries and 6 continents in the 8 months they were away from Canada. Their intention was the teach their kids the importance of global citizenship, compassion and community by world-schooling and immersing in different cultures as they travelled. What they discovered on the trip about the earth (& themselves as a family) was life-changing.

Jennifer relays her experiences in life, humour and travel as the editor of while running the marketing and events agency Hart & Galla and as Principal of BlissDom Canada – Canada’s premier blogging, social media, and influencer conference.

She has won numerous awards including the Canadian Event Industry Awards, CAPMA and CMA. Her events create the “wow factor” to create the biggest engagement possible & keep moments memorable for years to come.

When she is not out climbing mountains or travelling with her husband and 2 adventurous kids, Jennifer is a much sought after speaker for her knowledge about influencer marketing, digital strategy, and how brands can make themselves heard in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/YouTube: @MomDadCuppaKids
Insta/Twitter/Snapchat: @JennPowellLive

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