Joanna Venditti

Joanna Venditti

Influencer, V-logger, Mom of 4

Joanna Venditti is the founder of Nesting Story, the blog and YouTube channel. Inspired during her twin pregnancy, Joanna wanted to give people a look into her world, navigating life with four kids. Nesting Story gained worldwide media attention in 2015, hitting a viral nerve on body positivity. In 2016 Joanna continued storytelling, by creating online videos. Since then Nesting Story’s YouTube channel has grown quickly and was named Creator on the Rise by YouTube. Today Joanna continues to create online content focusing on lifestyle, family and design. Along with fellow YouTuber AmandaMuse, Joanna shares her secrets to storytelling using online video while speaking at events. Joanna lives outside of Toronto with her husband, son and three daughters.

How to Create Engaging Online Videos + Everything You Need To Know About YouTube To Grow Your Channel


Let’s talk video! Join a discussion on brand building through visual storytelling with tangible tips on where to begin, how to grow and how to monetize. We’ll also cover equipment, algorithms, promotion, collaborations, and trends. Building a brand, Storytelling (the difference between YouTube and blogging), Algorithm, Thumbnails, Tags, Tech: lighting, cameras, mics, editing software

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