Nadine Moffatt

Nadine Moffatt

Nadine Moffatt, RYT-200, RP, CELC

My core desire is to work with others to make them feel better. As an empath, intuitive, and energy worker I am quick to find connection and clarity.

My understanding of the need to Be Still developed through a difficult experience in my life. Although it was hard to see in the moment, I have truly learned that everything that takes place has its reasons and that they are meant to teach us if we are quiet and listen to our deepest wisdom.

I first practiced Yoga alongside my mom at a very young age. After becoming a mom, myself my practice fell away for a while. I’ve now made my way back to the mat as a way to strengthen and tone my body and find stillness in my mind and spirit. I firmly believe that Yoga should be accessible to everyone. I teach gentle Hatha Yoga, and Vinyasa Yoga with a focus on guiding individuals through movement with a connection to breath while allowing them to meet their bodies exactly where they’re at each day.

My Reiki training started in 1998, and further studying in early 2018 developed into a home-based pursuit with a call to share healing, peace, and harmony with others. 

My professional background includes directing Aveda Spas as a National Trainer, managing Aveda Canada’s Training and Development, and Coaching. I stayed home after the birth of my twins and became an entrepreneur.

Passionate about continuing education and professional development, I attend numerous conferences and training each year with enthusiasm in Integrative Health Modalities. I studied Sciences at the University of Waterloo, TCM and Acupuncture in Sri Lanka at the International University for Complementary Medicines, Ayurveda, Crystal Therapy, and am a Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner.  I hold the YA-RYT 200 accreditation, and this fall will be completing another 100 hr Yin Yoga training.

I am honoured to hold and create sacred spaces that inspire deep listening and connection to the divine within.

May you be Safe.

May you be Happy.

May you be Healthy.

May you live with Ease.