Natalie Milne

Natalie Milne

Vice President of Content for Maple Media Ltd

Natalie Milne is the Vice President of Content for Maple Media Ltd., where she oversees all editorial and branded content development for the SavvyMom Group and 29Secrets Style Collection, which includes US partner sites Scary Mommy, WhoWhatWear, SheKnows and Complex Canada, as well as management of Maple Media’s influencer network. Prior to joining Maple Media, Natalie led the growth and advancement of some of Canada’s largest lifestyle websites, including

Working with Influencers

New Fort Hall

C2C conversations (Consumer to Consumer) allow you to create a deeper connection for your brand than ever before. Trusted, influential voices with extensive audiences and communities of their own bring huge opportunities for awareness and exposure to your offerings. We will discuss how to work with influencers, niche/micro possibilities, negotiating rates and metrics of success.

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