Solmaz (aka The Curious Creature)

Solmaz (aka The Curious Creature)

Travel & Lifestyle Blogger | The Curious Creature

Solmaz (aka The Curious Creature) is a full-time food and travel blogger based in Toronto, Canada. She is a dynamic communications expert with a broad range of experience in both the public and private sectors. Solmaz has in-depth knowledge in issues management, social media strategy, writing and media relations. Most importantly, she’s a storyteller who understands how to stimulate discussion, amplify interest and resonate with a diverse audience across various platforms. She’s a new mama, curious at heart and truly believes in community vs competition.

Travel Writing: 3 Generations / 3 Ways


Presenting 3 different women who have approached travel writing and blogging, 3 have approached working in and with the travel industry entirely different ways and yet all have seen success in their personal brands

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