THIS is #HowWeROAM by Jennifer Powell

We were looking for a new idea. Awhile back, I attended a #140Edu conference in New York. There I met Chris Lehmann, an alternative school teacher & TEDX speaker who challenges the current state of the education system and focuses on creating unique ways for students to learn. He inspires you to think differently when […]

Oh, how we ROAMED!

May 31st – June 2nd marked the first ever ROAM conference in Kelowna. We’re still digesting all the incredible things that went on this week and will be for some time to come. We must send a big thank you out to all of our sponsors, speakers and of course our attendees. And now…a word […]

Success, Stories and Sounds FTW

Throughout the past six years we’ve heard some amazing stories from alumni about how attending BlissDom Canada has changed their blog, their business and their life. These stories are the catalyst that inspire us to bring BlissDom Canada to life. Has attending made a difference in your life? Was it the invaluable networking opportunities? Turning […]