We’re flipping for FLIPP!

Have you downloaded Flipp yet? If you have, we know you’re already addicted to it. Flipp is the essential free weekly shopping app for consumers to find the best local deals in their community, with a new coupon match up feature for the ultimate savings. To download, visit www.flipp.com. We’re thrilled to welcome Flipp back to BlissDom […]

Bravado Designs #BeComfortable Breakfast

  BlissDom Canada is a powerful vehicle for influence as are all of you. This event is equally about community and conversation. And, because it’s Canada’s preeminent event for social influencers, this year’s event will once again afford us an opportunity to shape conversation in social on issues of importance. We’re excited to announce that […]

Did somebody say Par-tay?

Nothing is more welcoming than a BlissDom Canada Welcome Party! Opening Night we will be hosting a Sponsor & Newcomer Meet & Treat from 7-7:30pm followed by a an insanely fun #TBT LIVE Karaoke experience with  the stellar guys from Choir! Choir! Choir! (Yes there will be refreshments to help you loosen up your vocal chords). Remember when you first got […]

NEW Speaker Announcements!

Kelly Lovell is a 12 time award-winning entrepreneur & speaker on a mission to connect youth, business and community. Recognized by renowned leaders, Fortune 500 professionals and government bodies, Kelly is an engaging thought leader that specializes in social innovation, generation gaps, marketing, consumer engagement, entrepreneurship and youth mobilization. Kelly is a 2 time TEDx speaker, […]

Introducing The New Family Podcast

  Long-time parenting editor Brandie Weikle, founder of thenewfamily.com, just announced the launch of The New Family Podcast this week. Here’s why she chose a podcast as the next medium for reaching her audience: Podcasting is enjoying a huge renaissance these days, fueled in part by the runaway success of Serial, which got so many of us hooked […]