On Product, Your Territory and Phoning It In.

In the last decade, many bloggers and influencers across the country have worked their behinds off and developed an audience to rival major media outlets and multi-national brands alike.  We know this is true, because we see the work these bloggers and influencers do every day.  We’ve seen the results of this work every year […]

Social Influencers Keeping #TIFF2015 Trending

It would be fair to say that the Toronto International Film Festival has been “trending” in one way or another since it began 40 years ago as the Festival of Festivals.  What’s certain is that since the dawn of the social media age our feeds have all been full of the #TIFF hashtag, especially for […]


    Magnolia Ripkin is sort of like your mouthy Aunt who drinks too much and tells you how to run your life, except funny… well mostly funny… like a cold glass of water in the face. She writes a flagrantly offensive blog at Magnolia Ripkin Advice Blog answering pressing questions about business, personal development, parenting, […]

Who’s Ready to Sing?

Big News: International Singing Sensation Choir! Choir! Choir! coming to BlissDom Canada. “You can download many things in this world,” says Daveed Goldman, “but it would be very hard to download the experience you get by interacting with strangers and singing a beautiful song.” Goldman and fellow Choir! Choir! Choir! co-founder Nobu Adilman are coming to BlissDom […]