Why should I come to Blissdom Canada?

BlissDom is the community for influencers and social entrepreneurs in Canada. This is the place where you can connect with people who understand all the countless hours of blood, sweat and tears you put into your brand online.


Who is this for?

Content creators, bloggers, vloggers, digitial entrepreneurs, agency members or brand representatives


What will I get out of Blissdom18?

The opportunity to connect with brand sponsors, future-forward, innovation for what the future of digital holds, brand relationships and opportunities to learn, connect and collaborate with leaders in the industry.


Questions about accommodations?

We are currently negotiating a reasonable hotel rate for a downtown Toronto room block which will be announced shortly.


I want to apply as a speaker. Where do I apply?

Right here. goo.gl/Rknnoz  If you are selected as a speaker, we will reimburse you for your ticket.


How do I keep up to date with information?

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get the latest news. Those who have purchased tickets will be invited to a private Facebook group to assist in fostering relationships leading up to the event.


Will there be workshops the day before like previous Bliss?

No, this year a separate ticket will be available to purchase specifically for brand/business content in new digital discussions and working with influencers.


What is the cost of the brand/business day if I already have a Bliss Pass?

This year we have decided to include the Brand/Business Day as added BONUS Content for everyone with a Bliss conference pass to attend. If you have already bought your Bliss Pass, the Brand and Business Day is included in the pass. If you want to attend solely on Thursday it is $299 for the Brand Day Pass.  


What is the cost for just the brand/business day?

$299 for the Thursday and evening events.


I have food sensitivities/allergies, will they be accomodated?

We will do our best to provide suitable alternatives and considerations for those with sensitivities however we cannot guarantee.


Ticket transfer?

Yes, tickets are able to be transferred until Sept 1, 2018



Sorry No Refunds.


When should I plan on arriving/leaving?

Our registration for the event usually opens mid-day on Thurs and traditionally we have a Saturday evening closing event. If you are staying downtown, plan on staying from Thurs-Sunday.