We’re excited about our Opening Keynote speaker…you won’t believe who it is!


Sara Critchfield is a founding staff member and Editorial Director of Upworthy“the fastest growing media company of all time” (Fast Company). The mission statement of Upworthy, “things matter, pass them on” is both what fuels us and fills us up. We are so excited to announce that Sara is our opening keynote speaker for Blissdom Canada 2015.

Under Sara’s guidance as Editorial Director, Upworthy curated content that creates conversation, awareness, community, and action which today garners more than 10 million unique views a month.

At the heart of Upworthy is the community that listens, shares, speaks, and reacts. Sounds a lot like the heart of BlissDom Canada, doesn’t it?

Read more about Sara Critchfield here.

It’s On: Call For Speakers BlissDom Canada 2015

Speakers Collage

Do you have a hands-on, interactive workshop you want to present to the BlissDom Canada audience?
Do you have an expertise in the area of Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Writing, Photography, Design,Travel, Food, Social Media, Social Good or something else? If so, we want to learn more about your AWESOME.

This year our focus is not as much talking at the audience as sharing with them. So, get as specific as you can (and as fun as you want!)

For example:

  • How to Style food
  • Grammar 101
  • Talking Travel
  • Defining & tagging your YouTube channel
  • Using a Lightbox
  • Affiliate Marketing

Or, if there is something you do really well, we’d love to know how we might include you.

Please fill out the speaker application form if you are interested in applying to speak and thanks for your interest in BlissDom Canada 2015!